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Thankyou for taking the time to read the following:

Already got product on your nails? 


  • EBE is a gel only salon, however, if you have acrylic nails please contact us to discuss your options.

  • Please ensure that you include a removal service when booking (if required) if you already have gel on your nails from your last appointment with us. 


To secure your appointment…

  • Here at EBE we do require you to leave a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking; this will secure your appointment date and time and will go towards the total of your treatments on the day. 

  • We do require you to enter your card details through the online booking system when booking which are held by external booking company Timely. We do not hold or have access to your card details. 

Choosing your manicurist…

  • It’s important to understand all of our artists have different styles & strengths when it comes to nail art so, before booking, if you would like nail art please contact us with some design ideas so we can ensure we match you up with the perfect nail artist for you.

  • You may also find it useful to check our teams individual Instagram pages - you can find this via our main IG page @_ebebeautyboutique

Costing your manicure..

  • All of our prices are available via our online booking system.

  • Before booking your nail art appointment please send us a message @_ebebeautyboutique with your design ideas to see which timeframe needs to be booked.

Need some quiet time?

  • Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to chat and for many people small talk can be anxiety inducing and exhausting. Sometimes all we want to do is relax and enjoy some quiet time or watch our favourite series. 

  • We’ll talk nails when you first arrive and then we’ll get to work whilst you sit back and relax in comfortable silence. Please feel free to bring headphones if you just want to zone out, connect to the tablet and watch your favourite Netflix series.

  • Simply select "Quiet Time" when you book.

No-shows & cancellations…

  • There's nothing worse than being stood up! If you don't show up for your appointment or if you cancel and don't rebook within our 2 week timeframe, your deposit will be forfeited. Please contact us at least 48 hours before your appointment as a courtesy if you can't make it to reschedule. Please see our Policies for more information.

Age restrictions…

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to apply Gel Polish to anyone under the age of 16 without parental permission and presence.

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